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Move Beyond Limitations

Dr. Rode creates personalized strategies that allow you to eliminate dysfunctional habits, resolve the past, and move with ease into a healthy lifestyle.

The Power of Giving Thanks

Dorena describes the power of giving thanks in this Toastmaster's speech.

Responsive, Intuitive, Caring

Dr. Rode use a wide variety of tools to support ease in releasing ingrained patterns of living that do not support your optimal health

Satisfied Clients


What tremendous relief I feel since our session. The pain in my heart and the agonizing lonesome feeling have both dissipated. I soooo appreciate the relief. I also seem to have a different perspective on death. Thanks for introducing me to this process. I'll be back for more.

--Gale A., Retired Corporate Executive

Dorena helps me to be my best self. The ThetaHealing(R) work and inner child work have helped me reduce the fear I’ve held and to heal attachments and losses I’ve experienced. Her intuition and gentle guidance are empowering me to clear the past, live with greater clarity in the present and gives me hope for a life as my unencumbered spiritual self.

Lynne Cockrum-Murphy, Ed.D., LISAC https://lynnecockrum-murphy.com/

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